Speeches and Writings

| Prospects of future and environmental issues by Eero Paloheimo |

Invited talks:

Lecture in Otaniemi, Finland, June 2019

Ecological Systems of Urban Planning.
Lecture in Binhai Forum, China, 22nd September 2012

World, China and Binhai EcoCity.
Lecture in Binhai Forum, China, 23rd September 2011

EcoCities – Dreams and Reality.
Lecture in Binhai Forum, China, 28th September 2010

EcoCity – what and why?
Lecture in Tianjin, China, 17.04.2007


Article 09/2016:
Mankind is not the World

Eco-Cities, Sharing European and Asian Best Practices an Experiences, Aug. 2014:
Eco-Valley as a Fundamental element for Eco-cities

CitiesEcoCities Emerging, Nov. 2012:
EcoValley – A Must

Eco-humanity Magazin, March 2009:
What is an EcoCity?

EcoCities Emerging, Dec. 2008:
Ecocity? What is an ecocity?