Eero Paloheimo

Eero Paloheimo has worked as designer, politician and university professor. He has written ten books and many articles about the prospects of future and environmental issues.

Paloheimo has been member of the Finnish Parliament (representing the Green Party) 1987–1995 and Chairman of the Committee of Long–Term Future Options in the Parliament 1994–1995. He worked as professor in the Helsinki University of Technology (wood-construction) 1995–2000.

Paloheimo is presently busy with projects to develop ecological cities to China (see opening for a talk in English, given in Tianjin, China 17.04.2007), which are based on the ideas presented in his book titled The Way Towards a New Europe. See also page Eero Paloheimo EcoCity Ltd. New works by Eero Paloheimo are titled This is Africa, published in Finnish in September, 2007, Structure (also in English), 2004 and I Said in Finnish, January 2011.

Paloheimo has two doctorates: DR-Ing. and Ph.D. The title of the Dr-Ing. dissertation (Munich) is Das Problem der Sicherheit besonders der durch Biegung beanspruchten Spannbetonbrücken and the title of the Ph.D. dissertation (Helsinki) is On the Reliability of Structures and Structural Elements.

Eero is an avid chess player. His hangout is the famous restaurant Messenius in northern Töölö, Helsinki. The place is popular among writers, translators and other original types.